How to get loans by leaving auto in warranty?

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With the growth of the financial credit sector, not only can we find more entities that grant loans on the spot, but there is also much more variety of services, that is, ways to receive the money that is lent. Throughout the day and according to the various difficulties in terms of financing offer, we received more questions about a way to have liquidity quickly for those who have a vehicle. Being able to analyze those credits that are granted through the guarantee of a car is important and if you want to know important issues and data from them, continue reading this article.

Can I ask for a loan and put my car as collateral?

Can I ask for a loan and put my car as collateral?

Currently it is possible to access a loan and that your car is the guarantee of the operation, known as a pledge credit. Something very good is that today if you opt for this operation you will not have to leave your car stored in a place designated by the bank or the financial, but you can continue using it but you do take certain precautions according to the particular case , so that the institution can make sure that its client is going to cancel the loan within the established term. So already having an answer about the possibilities of accessing these programs, we want to mention some very good ones available to you.

Are there personal loans with auto title?

There are this kind of credits and a very good one is the one that you can ask for in all the cities of the country in the branches. It is a credit of easy request and immediate granting of the money and with this following enumeration we want to show you the relevant characteristics that to stop knowing can not:

  • The credit may be requested by both individuals and companies.

  • According to the cost of the car, 50% of that amount is financed.

  • Up to $ 800 thousand pesos without problems you can have through this credit.

  • Cars that are private or those that are used commercially are admitted.

  • You have up to 3 years to return the money that was granted.

  • The interest rate for your benefit will always be fixed.

  • You can request cancellation of the credit in advance without problems.

  • The attention and advice you will have will be very personalized.

It is not going to be the only financial institution that is going to be able to give you a loan immediately with these characteristics, that is, through a pledge. We also want to mention the case of AutoCash, an efficient institution with honesty and that its financing in this way offers it under these characteristics:

  • You can qualify vehicles for loans that are 2004 onwards.

  • It is possible to instantly obtain up to 50% of the value of the car.

  • They will be able to accede to the financing those who have domicile in Federal Capital or Buenosairean Conurbano.

  • You can check your website with your data if you can apply or not to the loan.

Are there car loans without quitting?

As we said, mentioning some of the many options available in Argentina to have money pledge our vehicle, in this regard you can know that the answer is yes. Now, it will also be very important that you know what fundamental and important requirements are required to grant the entities these operations. In the case of Montemar what is currently requested will be the following:

  • That person who asks for the credit can not have another credit that is in debt condition.

  • Present the corresponding title of the car.

  • The car is required to have contracted insurance, at least against third.

  • Who does not have insurance, the financial company will be able to offer one without problems.

  • Present the National Identity Document with your photocopy.

  • The applicant is important to prove domicile, something that will be done through a service.

  • And as for your income, 3 last receipts of your salaries will be asked.

What is a car?

The vehicle garment system is legislated and is a way to finance cars that many banks use hand in hand with dealers. It is the simplest and most usual way to ensure that whoever buys a car is going to pay the value of it to a term through a quota system. Pursuing a vehicle will mean that this means of guarantee is recorded in the National Registry of Motor Vehicle Ownership and in the case of not making the relevant payment, the pledge is executed in order to auction the car and the entity that funded it can recover the corresponding money.

When does the garment of a car expire?

There is a Digest about certain rules regarding the registration of vehicles and their corresponding garments. Who registers a pledge, which in most situations are banks that lend money for a person to buy a car, can do so for up to a period that is 60 months, ie 5 years. After that period, the pledge expires.

How to remove the garment from a car?

To be able to remove a garment from the automotive one must carry out a procedure that is processed before that Registry of the Automotive where the unit is settled. For that you have to ask the bank or the financial institution where you asked for the credit (once you cancel it) that gives you the so-called “free debt” and with that you will have to go to the aforementioned register along with your ID and title of the vehicle. So complete a form, you are given a receipt and then in a period that is usually 45 days will have the withdrawal of the garment on your car.