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Who can apply for the payday loan?

The payday loan may be requested by State Employees, Public Employees, State Employees, Pensioners with a contributory pension or Pensioners with a disability pension .

  • Indefinite term contract for Employees;
  • Final pension for pensioners (cannot be withheld with the Cession of the payday loan with Pensions as Social APE or any type of temporary pension).

Payday loan for protesters, foreclosures and bad payers

This form of financing, having as a guarantee the payday loan of the salary or pension, can also be requested by protesters, foreclosures and bad payers. For Employees there is also the possibility to request a Delegation of Payment, if the administration or the company grants it. In very few cases it is also possible, in the event that there are adequate guarantees, a payday loan without a pay slip .

Renewal of the payday loan

This form of payday loan has the advantage of being able to be renegotiated, in fact, once 40% of the amortization plan has been reached , a renewal can be requested . The renewal function has the function of extinguishing the current payday loan with a new payday loan, obtaining the remaining liquidity in a practical and fast way. The same thing applies to the Delegation of Payment, which can be renegotiated at 2/5 (40% of the repayment plan). The procedure is simple, once the operation is requested, we will request the updated extinction count (a copy must be provided to the customer), once the extinction count has been verified, the customer can confirm the amount he will receive once the extinction has been made.

Cessione del Quinto Sicilia

Early extinction

To terminate the payday loan in advance, this request must be made by contacting the bank with which the contract was entered into, sending a PEC or a registered letter . In the request it will be necessary to attach a copy of the tax code and identity document, indicating the contract number and your personal data. By law, the request for extinction is a right of the consumer which, however, will be increased by a penalty of a maximum of 1%.

Advance Payment of the payday loan

The advance is granted to obtain small sums or a large part of the financing in advance, thus obtaining the required money in less time. The down payment request is accompanied by the contracts which, together with the identification documents , pay slip and the salary certificate (for Employees) or the pension slip and certificate of the transferable quota (for Pensioners) succeeds in getting the customer to obtain the desired liquidity. in a few days. This request is designed for those who have an immediate need for money.

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